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Fishing Guide Insurance Application

This policy offers General Liability coverage only. If you require additional coverage, such as Property or Physical Damage/Hull, please complete the full application or contact us at (844) 558-5181 or hharris@outdooric.com for more information. Payment includes a $25.00 convenience fee for paying online.
General Information
Policy Effective:   


Business Information
Has any insurance carrier cancelled, declined or refused to renew any insurance within the last 3 years?
Have you had any losses in the last 5 years?
Do you conduct any other operations under this business name?
Are any operations conducted outside the United States?
Do you have any unguided operations?
Do you operate watercraft on any class IV or V rivers?
Do you utilize a liability waiver for guests and/or visitors?
Are regulation size lifejackets provided for use to all passengers?
Do you ever operate further than 5 miles from shore in blue water?
Do you provide, rent, lease or operate any jet skis, ATVs, snowmobiles or horses?
Does the organization hire subcontractors?

Limits of Insurance
 *Includes $5,000 Medical Payments Limit
Certificates of Insurance & Additional Insureds
Blanket Additional Insured form will be included with your policy for no additional premium. Please note that in order for additional insured status to apply under this form you must have a written contract in place. In the event that you need to specifically list an additional insured (AI) on the policy please complete the full application.

Name & AddressDescription

Proof of Insurance

Proof of Insurance

The sum of 

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